1) Strip your bed down to the mattress or mattress cover.  Always start with a clear bed. 

2) Put the fitted sheet on.  **Tip - on the Mismatch fitted sheet, the care label will always go on the top/left corner of the mattress.

3) Place the flat sheet on the bed with the design faced down.  This is key for a well made bed and especially for the Mismatch sheets.

4) Fold back the top sheet so that the design/embroidery is now facing up.  **Tip -  the "M" symbol on your Mismatch sheet should now be properly positioned.

5) Do a nice hospital corner on each side of your bed and continue to tuck around the bed.

6) Add your comforter or coverlet.

7) Add your pillows and layer as desired.  **Tip - for the Mismatch silk pillowcases, the embroidery should always be closest to the side of the bed it's on.

8) Voila!

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  • Thanks for sharing this! Love this company!! I would also like to know how to make the hospital corners. Thanks!

    Christina on

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