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Mismatch Bedding - Anisha Rice, Founder of Mismatch.  Silk pillowcases with matching cotton sheets.  African American woman with natural hair in braids with extensions.  Promoting silk pillowcases with matching cotton sheets for all of the beauty benefits including moisturizing hair and skin, anti-aging, anti-breakage, promoting hair growth for hair and facial hair like beards and eyelashes. Skincare, retain moisture, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, natural hair benefits, glowing skin, no bonnet, no bedhead

Having the normal beauty and health concerns, I was drawn to silk pillowcases for all of the hair and skin benefits.  I appreciated that the silk pillowcases help retain the moisture in my face and hair, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and I love how they feel on my skin.  However, I didn't like having an odd color pillowcase that stood out from the rest of my bedding.  I created Mismatch because I didn't like the look of my bed with a random colored silk pillowcase and I was tired of trying to match the colors of the silk pillowcases with my existing bed sheets. Finding a close match was difficult, limited the color and pattern options that I could buy, and I was wasting the cotton pillowcases that came with my bed sheets.  When I thought about this being an annoyance for me, I thought about how many other people might be dealing with the same problem.

In 2019, I launched Mismatch with it's very first sheet set consisting of two silk pillowcases with matching cotton sheets!  Two fabrics with the same color and design packaged as one set!  

It is my goal to make sure customers enjoy the feel of natural fibers, the great benefits of silk, and the elegance of coordinated bedding.