100% mulberry silk pillowcases with MATCHING cotton sheets!

Our signature sheet sets consist of cotton sheets paired with matching mulberry silk pillowcases.  The sheets are made with extra long staple cotton making them very soft and durable.  

Got Silk? Luxury bedding by Mismatch.  Silk pillowcase with matching cotton sheets.  White with gold embroidery. Great for natural beauty, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, keep moisture in your hair and skin, reduce hair breakage, and healthy beard.



Our silk pillowcases are made of 100% mulberry silk and have a weight of 25 momme.  The high weight of these pillowcases makes them more durable, machine washable, and of good quality.

Woman laying on luxury bedding from Mismatch - silk pillowcases with matching cotton sheets.  Luxury white bedding with silver trim. Natural hair and skin. Beard. Hypoallergenic. Beauty benefits. Anti-aging skincare. Anti-wrinkles.  Silk Pillowcase.

"It is my goal to make sure customers enjoy the beauty benefits of silk, the coolness of cotton, and the elegance of coordinated bedding."

Anisha Rice, Founder



Mismatch Bedding - Man with full beard. Uses silk pillowcase to keep beard moisturized  and for hair growth
I love that the silk pillowcases don't dry out my beard and that the sheets are soft.

– Dale

MISMATCH bedding - Curly hair girl uses silk pillowcase for hair growth, anti-breakage, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, retain moisture in hair and skin
These silk pillowcases feel amazing and the cotton sheets are so soft. No more random colored silk pillowcases on my bed!

– Lisa