After careful thought and many discussions, we put together a few of our current favorite beauty products for both men and women.  This page will be updated frequently, so keep your mirror handy!  *Please note that we are not dermatologists or doctors of any kind.  We are just sharing our love of different products.  Hope you enjoy! :-)


Sunscreen -  Not just for the summer!  There are many reasons why we love the sunscreen by COOLA, but we will just point out three of them.  One big reason is that it does not leave any white residue on your skin.  Another is that it is Organic, so you don't have to worry about any harmful ingredients, which is awesome.  And lastly, it is SPF 50, which is great protection for sunny days.  Retails for $32.

COOLA organic sunscreen

Epilator - The Braun Epilator we will describe this as a game changer.  If you have body hair that you shave and would love a clean, smooth finish, the epilator is definitely worth trying.  You can use on wet or dry skin.  You can do it as often as you want - you don't have to wait weeks in between like waxing.  AND it leaves no stubble like razors.  Leg hair, facial hair, chest hair, all hair -  as long as you can stand the pinch it will remove the hair! 

Braun Epilator for hair removal


Clay Mask - The list goes on and on as to why the Aztec Clay Mask should be in every home.  This beauty gem is a natural cleanser that can benefit your skin by tightening your pores, fighting acne, reducing eczema, and many more.   This clay mask also works wonders for the hair leaving it moisturized, hydrated, frizz-free, and glowing.  

Aztec Indian Healing Clay


Dry Brush - If you're not familiar with dry brushing, you are missing out!  The dry brush is used to exfoliate your skin, unclog pores, increase blood circulation, and reduce cellulite.  Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic technique that has been used for years to keep skin beautiful.  It's great to do before a shower - starting at your feet working the way up to shoulders.  

Dry brush for beautiful skin

Facial Massager - We learned of this gold facial massager product from a Vogue interview with Tracee Ellis Ross.  The benefits of facial massaging includes increased blood circulation, relaxes facial muscles, and helps tone the skin.  


Natural Deodorant - Okay, this is something that is a must for our health - natural, aluminum free deodorant.  We have tried and experimented with a good amount of brands and here are a few of our favorite brands that stood the sweat test:  Native, Schmidts, and Love Planet and Beauty. Love Beauty and Planet Deodorant, Murumuru Butter and ...

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Peace and Love,
Anisha Rice, Founder