Founder of Mismatch, Anisha Rice, interviewed by Marc Clarke and Allison Seymour on their show on 100 Hip Hop and R&B on iHeart Radio discussing the luxury bedding company and being an entrepreneur during COVID.



Modern Luxury DC features the story of Mismatch in their September 2020 issue.  Founder, Anisha Rice, shares the inspiration behind pairing silk pillowcases with cotton sheets that match.


DC Modern Luxury features Mismatch, luxury bedding that pairs silk pillowcases with matching cotton sheets.  Great for natural hair, prevent wrinkles, fine lines, hair breakage, dry skin, and good to retain moisture in beards.
Conde Nast Traveller featured Mismatch as part of their Luxury Gift Guide.  The description includes the concept of Mismatch and some of the beauty benefits that customers experience from using this innovative sheet set.
Conde Nast Traveler includes in their Luxury Gift Guide, Mismatch, a luxury bedding company that pairs silk pillowcases with matching cotton sheets.  Customers enjoy the beauty benefits of 100% mulberry silk and the soft, coolness of cotton sheets.  Founded by Anisha Rice.