This is a question we get very often and the answer is no!  Our silk pillowcases are made of 100% mulberry silk with a weight of 25 momme, so they can be machine washed, washed by hand, or dry cleaned.

If you choose to wash your silk pillowcases by hand or machine, use a mild detergent from brands like Seven Generation or Love Home and Planet.  When using any detergent on silk keep in mind that less is best.  Also, be sure to wash with similar colors and use a mesh wash bag to prevent other items from snagging the silk.  Silk is a delicate material so always handle with care!

Lastly, dry your Mismatch silk pillowcase either on a flat service or on very low heat in a dryer.  Silk dries fast so make sure to not over dry in the machine.  The less manipulation to silk the better.  Happy washing!

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  • Great tips for keeping the pillowcases a longlasting product!

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