1. Make Your Bed -  Just making your bed will make your room appear and feel more inviting.  The bed is the heart of your bedroom, so make it great!

2. Declutter - When your room is cluttered, your mind thinks cluttered and it's hard to relax.  Put clothes away, clear the floor, and make sure all surfaces are clean.

3. Candles/ Diffusers/ Wax Burners - Having a nice scent to the bedroom is a good way to ease your mood, create a nice ambiance, and help you relax.

4. Nice Bedding & Pillows - Good bedding is a must to bring sexy to the bedroom.  Your bedding should feel great on the skin and your pillows should add extra comfort to you.

5. Faux Fur - Yep, faux fur!  Nothing says comfort and sexy like faux fur.  Whether it's a faux fur throw or faux fur pillows, adding extra texture to your bedroom will make it more cozy while adding another layer of sexy.

6. Lighting - Most people use the ceiling lights or floor lamps, which is okay, but if you have one with a dimmer or have a small lamp you can really set a nice atmosphere.  Or light candles!

7.  Pillow and/or Sheet Mist - If you're serious about bringing the sexy back, sprinkle a mixture of a good essential oil like lavender mixed with water onto your pillows or sheets and viola!

8. Bluetooth Speaker - Turn off the television and turn on some tunes!  Music is an amazing way to add a very soothing, sexy, and uplifting energy to a room.  Music is great for giving some entertainment without being too distracting.

9. Fresh Air - Keep window a tad cracked.  Having fresh air will help you sleep better and allow any stale, dry air out.

10. Pop of Color - Colors have a way of effecting your mood.  Adding the right color for your bedroom is important.  To learn more about how colors effect your mood click here.

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